Mastodon Bookmarklet Generator

Follow, react and publish across your Mastodon instance

Because of the decentralized structure of the Fediverse, you risk seeing only a subset of a conversation because some of the people who take part are not being followed by anyone in your instance.

To make sure you see the whole conversation and not just the subset that reached your instance, you need to read the conversation on the instance of the person who started it.

A web browser is therefore much more efficient than a dedicated Mastodon client for making interesting discoveries. You can follow the links opening new tabs on your web browser to discover the entire conversation where the initial authors is registered.

But you'll quickly feel that reacting to a post or following someone who is not in your instance is a bit tedious.

What if you could click on a link in your bookmarks bar, and it would take you back to your own instance, but seeing the profile of the person you want to follow or interact with?

Just type in the domain of your instance in the text input field below and we'll generate links that you can drag to your bookmark bar.

tl;dr: put in your instance domain. Drag links to bookmarks bar.